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Wow chronicles orc vs elf

Wow chronicles orc vs elf

Game Name: Wow chronicles orc vs elf

Game Description:
Wow chronicles orc vs elf

Wow chronicles orc vs elf

World of Warcraft chronicles Orc vs Eelf,

Big green Orc has captured a lovely female purple Elf, the Orc has her pinned down to a tree. And Already undressed the Elf. The purple Elf has big juicy breasts and a fine round butt. The Orc is reading his big green cock, to fuck her from behind. Her juicy pussy is perfectly pink, she tremors by the thought getting raped by the Orc. She tries to resist, but the big green Orc is to strong for the little elf.

Help the Orc by fighting off the elfisch defenses.  You do this by checking for hot spots to resist the attacks. The spots appear randomly on the Elf, click on the little blue circle before it reaches the outer circle. There are three waves of attacks, starting slow and easy, till the become faster.  If  the Orc wins, the Orc gets to fuck the Elf.

To fuck the elf watch your climax and stress bars closely, the ideal situation is to make the Elf climax before the Orc stresses out. You can choose to rub, penetrate or to fuck the elfs pussy, the same goes for the elfs ass. mind your stress bar, if it fills up to much the game is over. You can relieve the stress bar (and the Orc’s cock) by getting it out of the Elf, click the out button. Beware the climax level will also drop. Use your mouse to control the speed of the orc rubbing or penetration. The elfish tits bounce at the same rate of the penetration. Give it a try and make the Orc fill the Elfish pussy with his cum.

During the fucking you can change the Background to change the scene, the position of the Orc and the Elf stays the same. Hope you enjoy the game, And don’t forget to rate or share the game.

Game Category: Other

Wow chronicles orc vs elf