Stranded on Amazon Island 2

Stranded on Amazon Island 2

Stranded on Amazon Island 2Stranded on Amazon Island 2

The Sequel to Stranded on Amazon Island, after the bitch fight over his cock, the great looking amazon women take the sailor as prisoner. While hanging tied up between two hot amazon babes, bare naked, his mind takes of to there nice breast and fine asses. He wonders where they will take them. Finally they arrive. In this chair chief Tamara sits, with a lion skin over her head. She seems to be the woman in charge. The sailor is presented to there chief as a gift. The chief thinks the Male sailor is a gift from there Gods, and wishes to sacrifice him to the volcano spirits. The Amazon protests, they don’t want to sacrifice there new Sex-toy. Because he is the only men on there Island. But chief Tamara is absolute. He will be captured and prepared for the ceremony. Wrapped with a chain around his neck, the sailor thinks up a plan to escape.

He finds a stone near him, and tries to brake the chain using the stone, but watch out, don’t get caught doing so. After the chain brakes, run for your life. Tamara will hunt you and trow spears at you. Click with your mouse to jump avoiding the spear, move your mouse down to Duck. Try to reach the cave, there you might be save.

The Amazon chief Tamara follows you in to the cave, there you have the upper hand, and jumps on her from behind. You manage to capture Tamara. Tamara is your slave now, watching her body makes you want to rip her clothes of her amazing body. Her big breast really stand out, nice firm ass, just needs to be spanked. Spank Tamara til your meter is full. Them tits and ass needs some squeezing to. Go ahead squeeze her titties, her ass to. Her pussy needs a good rubbing just to make is wet and turn her on. Time to put your hard cock between her big boobs,  and polish your shaft. Get her on hands and knees, fuck her pussy hard before she takes the sailors dick in her ass. Finally fill her up with your cum.

Nine months later guess who is the new chief of the Amazons….