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Jessica Rabbit abused by fuck machine

Jessica Rabbit abused by fuck machine

Game Name: Jessica Rabbit abused by fuck machine

Game Description:

Jessica Rabbit abused by fuck machineJessica Rabbit abused by fuck machine,

Captured by Judge Doom and his Goons, Jessica Rabbit is taken to Doom’s Headquarters. Chained to the selling, thrown at his mercy.  She is wearing her Sexy long Red dress, her beautiful long and skinny legs go all the way up. The red dress is barely covering her busty breasts. She really looks defenseless in her current position, and  afraid for what is coming, what has Judge Doom prepared for her?

Well there are all sex-toys laying around,  don’t understand what the battery is for. We will see. We always expected that Jessica is a Kinky Slut, now find out what she likes.. First we must take of her dress, and tiny thong, click on her breasts to take her breast out of her dress. her perky big tits, will bounce. Jessica her nipples are already hard. take off the hole dress. There she stands in her underwear, not much, just a small thong covering her shaved pussy. Get rid of her thong, and take a good look at this beautiful naked cartoon celebrity.

Take a look around on the floor we see a bdsm baton and a leather whip. Pick up the baton and whack her body, start at her legs and move your way up. If you get stuck click on the question mark button on the lower right side to get more instructions on witch action to take next, sometimes she needs to be dressed up or dressed down to get any further. Don’t forget to use the whip, and the battery. Stick the baton in her mouth, pussy and ass, to advance.

Time to put her on the fuck machine, Sit her down and turn on the machine, control your speed with the remote on the right side. You can also place a milking machine on her tits, and try to squeeze out some lotion from her breasts. She will like this very much.


Game Category: Celebrity Porn, Meet And Fuck

Jessica Rabbit abused by fuck machine