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Intimate cruise

Intimate cruise

Game Name: Intimate cruise

Game Description:

Lovely Busty blonde, masturbating in the Hot Tub, on top of the cruise ship. Until she sees the Chief’s mate. Chief mate is thinking about going into the Hot Tub, and already undressing. Our busty blonde freaks out and tries to hide, she stands on top of the ship, butt naked. Try to balance the motion of the ship by moving your mouse left to right. While the chief mate smokes his cigarette. Second level, means duck for the birds. while he finishes his coffee. She doesn’t know Stanley already spotted her balancing on the ship. And tells her to come down. Her arms barely covering her big breasts, she is embarrassed about it. Stanley on his turn, is trying to cover his huge cock, Susan is having difficulties not to look at his enormous cock. Stanley sticks his hand out to formally introduce himself to Susan. Susan grabs his hand, and forgets she needed her hand to cover her shaven pussy. After the meet, they share a bottle of wine together. Enjoy..

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Move mouse Left – Right, and Up or Down. Easy peasy,

Game Category: Arcade, Meet And Fuck

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Intimate cruise