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Get Laid With Jasmine

Get Laid With Jasmine

Game Name: Get Laid With Jasmine

Game Description:

Get Laid With JasmineGet Laid With Jasmine.

Jasmine and Alladin have an romantic night out, they took the flying-carpet, and found a romantic spot to watch she sunset. Jasmine Is looking really pretty in her blue dress, her massive tits waving. Her great brown eye’s and long dark hair, she is a real turn on. She invites Alladin to come closer and show his passion for Jasmine.

Off course in this meet and fuck game, you might know the drill by now. Use the pointer of your mouse to warm Jasmine up, by touching her body in the right order. Stroke her Arm’s and Legs, for starters. Once she shows a reaction time to move on to her breasts and Nipple. If you can get her horny enough, she will lower her dress, and presents her naked boobs. Don’t be afraid you have all the time you need. This will give you access to massage her nude boobs and nipple. Play with her boobs a little before going back to her legs, click on her dress, to lift it up, click again to gain access to her small ass, don’t put your fingers in her ass right now, try her mouth first. After this her pleasure bar is full.

To proceed she has turned her back to you, just click on her blue dress to make it go away, it will disappear , grab her big tits from behind, play gently with her boobs,  and then grab her tiny ass. Move her ass around a little with your hands, before plunging your fingers in her tight pussy. You can really hear her moan now.. If you complete this stage, she will lie on her back with her feet in the air, get your big cock inside Jasmine and play with the speed and dept of your penetration.

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Game Category: Celebrity Porn, Meet And Fuck

Get Laid With Jasmine