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Christmas bustle

Christmas bustle

Game Name: Christmas bustle

Game Description:

Terrible news , for Mr. Claus. They ran out of caramel supply at the candy factory. No worries, say’s Mr. Claus, use chocolate topping instead. But come over dear, get on my lap. But first we need to undress the little helper, take of her clothes in the right order to get her naked. Now we have to warm her up, touch her big boobs from left to right, or move Up -Down. With your mouse, use the attribute at your convenience.

Tie her up, and massage her body, till you filled up her happy meter. Now she is ready to sock, Santa’s cock, Dear,, dear,┬áHer massive breasts fucking Santa’s wiener, licking his dick, socking and jingles about. Time to fuck her.

Enjoy this Christmas tale..



Game Category: Other

Christmas bustle