Baka the Jerk peeking at work out girl

Baka the Jerk peeking at work out girl

Baka the jerk peeking at work out girlBaka the jerk, tries to peek at a nice looking girl how is working out. Don’t get caught peeking by the girl, then it’s all game over !

Lovely adult game, where you can peek at this lovely blonde horny work-out girl.  She is walking on the treadmill. Watch her great butt move. Baka tries to peek from the hall way. Looking at her butt in motion, baka feels his cock growing in his trousers. Quickly gets his penis out and start to jerk off. Waiting for the girl to work out a sweat.

With your dick in your hand try to peek at a the girl walking in the mill.  You notice a courage bar at the bottom, the bar will fill up the more time you can watch. But be careful, she might turn her head, make sure you don’t get caught. Or the fun is all over. If you manage to fill up your courage meter, you can take a closer peek at the sporting girl. She will undress each stage.

Simple game play, just use your mouse to hide out of sight. Be careful to hide as soon as she is watching your way. Then quickly go peek again, to fill up the courage meter. Enjoy this adult xxx peeking game.

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