Alien abduction

Alien abduction

Alien abductionGood looking news reporter Haruhi Suzumiya gets called in the middle of the night, a flying saucer has been spotted. She needs to check it out. She needs this story. Quickly she gets dressed, and rushes to the sighting, where the UFO still hovers above the Central park. When she tries to do her story something weird just happens. A beam sucks her in to the space ship. She is abducted by the alien ship. Gently she is floating in mid air, just hanging, there is nothing she can do. While she is stripped from her clothes, unable to do anything her clothes are just sucked from her beautiful body. A few seconds later she is strapped down to a examining bed.  Where the Alien examines her hot naked body, gently stroking with his hands constant looking what kind a reaction her body will give. Does she likes to be touched hard, or soft. How does she respond to toy´s. Can we make her scream from pleasure.  When she is horny the alien can fuck her doggy style, and then fill her up with his cum .


First help Haruhi to get dressed. While she stands naked in front of you, you may pick what clothes to wear. Take your time to try different bra´s , and different panties.  Also what kind of jeans, sweater and off course Shoes.

Once on board the ship, move your mouse until she is naked, by stripping the clothes of her great body, once naked on the table, use your mouse to touch her legs, breasts, and body. Use the toy´s in the right order, to make her aroused.  Once the bar is filled, she will we ready to fuck. Take her on doggy style, start slow and finish hard, lay her on her back and fill her up. Spray the alien cum in her pussy.